How to Store Your Bicycles Safely in a Garage

black road bike against wooden wall

Bicycles are a huge part of our lives.  Many people use them to commute, while others rely on them for exercise and leisure activities.  Whatever your reason for riding a bicycle, it is important that you store the bike in a safe place – like your garage!  Here are some tips to help you store your bicycles safely in a garage:

Clear off any debris or clutter from the floor before storing bikes inside.

It is important to make sure that there are no obstacles in your way when you need to walk around, and it will help prevent tripping hazards for children who may be playing near the garage entrance.  Remove all gas cans, lawn equipment, tools, rags and other items that may be scattered on the floor.

If you store your bicycles near a wall, make sure you don’t place them too close to it.  It’s important for better air circulation and visibility when looking inside the garage from outside (or vice versa).

Use hooks or racks, so the tires don’t touch anything

One of the best ways to store your bicycles is on a hook or rack so that the tires don’t come in contact with anything. Avoid storing them near the ground because dirt and dust can accumulate there, which will attract insects and pests. Make sure you have ample ventilation by leaving some space between bikes for airflow.

Store bikes upright, unless they have an adjustable height stand

The best way to store bikes is upright.  You can usually find a stand for this purpose, but if not, you may be able to use additional items like milk crates or upside-down chairs.  Again, make sure the tires do not come in contact with anything.

Adjusting a bike’s gears before you store it is important because if they get too tight or loose while stored on an incline, this can cause wear and tear on the chain and derailleur.  Check to see that all cables are out of the way and that there is nothing on or below a bike, like dirt.

Leave plenty of space in between bikes, so they can have some room to breathe

Do your best to leave plenty of space between the bikes.  If you’re storing a group, try using different heights and brands so that they don’t take up too much room.  This will also help them stay in good condition for longer because there’s more air circulating around them.

Have a bike shelf installed

If you have an abundance of bicycles to store, consider installing a bike shelf.  This will maximize space in your garage and help keep them off the ground so that they don’t get dirty or dusty as quickly.  Choose an area of the garage with a good amount of space and install shelving to store bikes. This will maximize storage for your bicycles, so they’re not taking up valuable floor space, but you can still see them when you walk in because they’re high enough off the ground.

If there is limited available shelf space, you may want to consider installing a bike rack on the wall.  This will give your bikes more room and make it easier to see when they need maintenance or are in need of protection against rusting from moisture.

Consider investing in some hooks for any other tools, sports gear, clothes that might be needed during bicycle storage; this way everything is in one place.

Keep bikes out of direct sunlight if possible

Bikes should ideally be stored in a garage or shed that’s shielded from the sun.  While it may seem like the best idea to store them outside, over time they’ll fade and get covered in rust.  If you live somewhere where this is a possibility (e.g., close to water), storing your bikes indoors will help shield them from the elements.

Since a garage is typically open to the outdoors, be sure and store your bikes where they are protected from weather damage. 

It’s not impossible to find storage solutions for bikes inside garages these days, but it takes some time and thoughtfulness.  We hope you’ve found this blog post helpful and that it has given you some ideas for how to store your bikes safely.

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